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The Full Story

About Emily

I help people let go of unprocessed emotions, trauma and disempowering stories so they can remember who they are and create a life they adore!


Where it started

Emily was born and raised in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Struggling with mental, emotional and physical suffering for most of her life she was driven to get to the root. As she was completing her masters in environmental science, she had a spiritual awakening (actually, dark night of the soul) after realizing she had repressed consistent childhood trauma.


Questioning everything she had been taught about herself and the world, this led her down a path of discovering her own truth and the mind\body connection.


After the integration and deep dives into trauma recovery, healing, the mind\body connection, physics, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, spirituality and manifestation I saw the profound impact it could have on someones reality. I am committed and passionate to support others to release the patterns that aren't their most amazing version and help them remember who they are (yes, you, the badass).

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